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The top priorities in Gloria’s life are her three children, followed by her boyfriend Roger, who is more than happy to be the father figure her children desperately need. But this illusion of stability shatters when Roger tries to help an injured man at the boardwalk in Virginia Beach. Instead of being grateful, the man viciously attacks him. When Gloria and her son arrive at the hospital with Roger, they realize this is no isolated incident. The city is quickly becoming overrun with violence fueled by a mysterious infection. Does Gloria have what it takes to stay alive?



The Novella

Matt Hess has failed at almost everything: his real estate career is in shambles, his engagement is over and he’s in debt up to his eyeballs. But his past problems pale in comparison to what he’s about to face—an infection so deadly it takes out a hospital waiting room before his very eyes.

Along with a patrol cop, a maternity ward nurse, and a newborn infant, Matt manages to escape the first wave of infected. But the disease spreads so rapidly that soon the entire city of Virginia Beach is overwhelmed. Now Matt and his companions must figure out who they can trust and find a way out before they join the ranks of the infected horde.


The Novel

After five years painting ships in the Navy, Sam Connor has big plans for his life after the military…but no plan for surviving a pandemic. With his wife and infant son away visiting relatives, Sam struggles to find them in a world gone mad. In order to survive in a city that’s quickly become unrecognizable he must become unrecognizable himself.

With no gun to protect him and no special skills to show for his military service, Sam‘s ability to adapt and his will to survive are soon put to the test in a city that’s quickly become a nightmare.